Bow bow omarion dating On the air with Hot 97's Angie Martinez yesterday, you mentioned rating females. You gotta understand at the end of the day, we are guys. The Dream got one of the biggest records out -- "Shawty Is A Ten." Everybody want a dime piece.

Bow Wow, you said you date "5 and up." Omarion you said you date "7 and up." How do comments like this affect your female audience's self-esteem? But then you might have the fine girl that's always got the ugly girls with her, they might not necessarily be the tens, but I love all women.

Neither dude will likely be recognized as a world-class vocalist on his own.

But together, Bow (he of quicksilver flow) and O (he of slender harmonies) are urban-pop Wonder Twins.

The two made their love be known back in January when Bow shared a video to his Instagram with Kiyomi and a caption saying "My girl bad.

Ballerstatus met up with the Omarion and Bow Wow in New York City to discuss their first project as a duo. I felt like I coulda easily did my third album, put some good music together.

Most guys just go for the pretty long haired models, but for him to like the fives, and for him to like the tens and the sixes and the sevens..." Most of our fans, they come from the hood.

I know I ain't Tyra Banks, so I might have a shot." Like if anything, they [fans] like "Damn, he like us all, that's what's up.If there's one person that's on his side it's got to be his girlfriend Kiyomi, as Bow is looking to marry the "Wildnout girl" - or may have already?Being that it's Kiyomi's birthday, the Instagram model posted some revealing pics of a photo shoot to her feed and Bow Wow commented calling himself her "husband.""Happy birthday! Pack your bags I’m taking you out the country for a few days. You deserve everything and as your husband ima make sure of that.So therefore, we still got a lot of learning to do and a lot more maturing to do.A lot more to talk about because there's still more information coming in and it's because of life.

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As artists, you always wanna make sure that you better your craft and that's one thing what's so hot about the project.

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