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The journey till now has not been so smooth for the founders of Date Hotter Girls.Some PUA companies have thrown allegations on Rob and Zack regarding some copyright issues.This program is available easily on the internet through a digital copy and members can access the online training provision through an online portal with direct access.The self-help dating routine has two segments; the first one is called the “scrambler”- a set of proven psychological techniques intended to make a girl fall for the man.

He usually advocates more natural method to seduction, which comprises of 5 simple stages – Open, Vibe, Isolate, Rise, and Close.

Not just that, he was ranked as the 7 best dating coach in the PUAs list of 2011.

In addition, the ebook ‘Date Hotter Girls’ written by Rob was among the top rated books of the year 2009.

There is excitement in the men’s dating community and the new release has attracted the attention of the media including gave an analytical review.

“It is simply mortifying to talk to a gorgeous woman with composure and self-assurance for many men.

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