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It is something of a surprise that such a work passed muster with a network like PBS.It was touching to watch Nye’s heartfelt and sacrificial love for his sister and brother.When "Bill Nye the Science Guy" conducts an experiment, it always seems to have a positive outcome.But apparently things don't always run that smoothly in his personal life.This week, PBS TV in America is airing the Bill Nye: Science Guy movie that, last year, was shown in select theaters around North America.

Levels one through three are dedicated to exhibit space that will focus on a variety of teaching exhibits designed to highlight the biblical flood account.2The term “of biblical proportions” is rarely meant literally, but a new museum in Williamstown, Ky., may be an exception. making the ark replica an astounding 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet tall.3 While Nye the engineer appears to be unimpressed by the stunning design and architecture of the Ark, Nye the man is more concerned that his film mock biblical accounts, such as those of Noah’s Ark and Noah’s Flood.Shortly before and after the July 2016 opening of the Ark Encounter, several trade magazines marveled at the construction of the Ark Encounter.The Ark Encounter has been referred to as the 8th wonder of the world and required hundreds of people directly working together towards a common goal—crafting the largest freestanding timber frame structure in the world.1The ark is a massive structure.Bill opined the supposed irony of the Juno space station orbiting as he distantly viewed the Ark in Williamstown, Kentucky, calling the huge ship a monument to “anti-science.” Again he overlooked the claims of dozens of exhibits inside and even the remarkable design of the Ark itself.One would have thought that, as an engineer, Bill would have at least commented on the craftmanship, size, and quality of the Ark, but Bill remained silent on that, even as he walked through the Ark with Ken for two hours.

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Nicknamed ‘Nuclear Wintour’ and ‘the Ice Queen’, she inspired the waspish fashion editor played by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.

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  1. As recent evidence of this, we have seen vulnerabilities/bugs such as Heart Bleed impact the vast majority of web servers in the world, no matter how up-to-date and highly secured their operators try to keep them.