Bi sexual chat lines in detroit is there speed dating in richmond va

The police still haven't seen the funny side of it, and they've confiscated my laptop.

However, the news isn't all bad - the wife has gone to stay with her mother.

Favourite expression: "One in the pond, two drop, three back in the pond.

Four I had that funky lie in the bunker and left it in the bunker"... Favourite expression: "A few beers will loosen up that swing!

Not in the spirit of the game: dragging his foursome through a three-and-a-half hour front nine. Defining characteristics: Considers golf course an extension of his office, home, therapist's couch, etc. THE CART GIRL SCHMOOZER Defining characteristics: Convinced he's got a shot with the cart girl.THE PARKING LOT PRO Defining characteristics: Colour-coordinated outfit, matching logos and oversized tour bag suggest he's played professionally. Favourite expression: "These are the same shoes Tiger wears".THE AIR COUNTER Defining characteristics: Can't remember his score without reliving every shot in detail.The bad is your baby is ginger, the good news is it's stillborn".-- A wise man once told me to ignore anything that comes out of a woman's mouth, unless it needs wiping and putting back in your pants.

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