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We must carefully restore their sacredness as a matter of urgency and reverse our wholesale rape of their habitat on all continents that continue to this day.

Trees are central to our ecological visions of the future.

Beneath the tree of my life, the last river, Surrounds an island where there rises In the mists, a cube of grey rock, A Fortress, the Capital of the Worlds.” — Poem by Noël Pierre in Conventional medicine treats pathological symptoms rather than discovering the causes of illness, and it is the so-called complementary therapies that address deeper issues concerning the whole self, which of itself can potentially ameliorate those imbalances that create disease.

There is a whole range of such therapies – psychotherapies work with the emotions and the mind, bodywork with the physical body, aromatherapy and massage with the senses and feelings, and acupuncture and radionics with energy, to mention a few.

Trees are also central images, symbols and manifestations of life itself.Ancient trees dating from 760 AD in central France are symbols of peace and justice for rural people.Cedars of the Lord still rise above Lebanon in the Middle East.Edited by Thomas Barrie, Julio Bermudez, and Philip Tabb Published by Ashgate Publishing, Farnham UK, October 2015 Architecture has long been understood as a cultural discipline able to articulate the human condition and lift the human spirit, yet the spirituality of architecture is rarely directly addressed in academic scholarship.The 17 chapters provide a diverse range of perspectives, grouped according to topical themes: Being in the World; Sacred, Secular, and the Contemporary Condition; Symbolic Engagements; Sacred Landscapes; and Spirituality and the Designed Environment.

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Sacred groves of ash and oak trees existed at sites like the holy place to the healing god Aesculapius at Epidaurus and to Athena on the Acropolis in her city of Athens.

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