Banned dating sites in senegal

Zeynally's lawyer, Elchin Sadygov, told that the prosecution witnesses had failed to support with credible evidence any of the charges lodged against Zeynally.

In January 2013, authorities slapped Aliyev with additional charges of illegal import and sale of religious literature, making calls to overturn the constitutional regime, and incitement to ethnic and religious hatred, the institute reported.

, was held in administrative detention and accused of participating in the allegedly illegal departure of his editor, Hicham Aboud, from the country, according to his lawyer, colleagues, and family.

Abdessamia's lawyer, Mohamed al-Gawasemeh, told CPJ that Abdessamia was at first accused of "smuggling immigrants," which is a criminal offense, as well as "facilitating smuggling," a misdemeanor.

In early June 2013, Aboud was forbidden from traveling to a conference in Tunisia, he said.

Then, in late June, an investigative judge dismissed the investigation against him, he said.

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