Arie dating usa who

It's very easy to interpret almost every post in a way that matches up with the conclusion you're looking to find.

There will not be a solid conclusion until the finale airs (or if Lauren is eliminated before that).

Considering that most of the contestants do not end up getting that final rose at the end of , it makes sense that they can find some consolation prize in the situation.

Whether they start blogs, promote their existing businesses, start plugging products on Instagram, or just live tweeting the show, there's a way for everyone to feel like she "won" from being a contestant, but what about the lady who's left standing at the end?

The winner is someone who has some secrets to keep until host Chris Harrison asks her questions during her appearance on with Arie by her side. a post-show relationship) to herself until that live portion of the finale.

Lauren also posted a screen shot from the wrestling date with the caption, "Being a GLOW girl is no laughing matter." Lauren also posted photos from that wilderness group date along with the words, "Will we survive this date this week?

@maroosworld & I weren’t so sure." It's possible that she feels strange posting about Arie because they are not together.

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