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They're pretty good at it, too, vowing to stick together until the end like teenage friends.

Finally, Rachel decides that she's going to stay, which means they can begin strategising - bad news for Lindzi and Kalon, who are their next targets.

(His struggles are all the sweeter because of an earlier confessional, where he puts on glasses and says: "It may be summer, but school is in session." Ouch.)Anyway, each couple is allowed three strikes before they're out, and soon we reach our final two couples - Ed and Jaclyn, and Sarah and Chris.

It's a really tight contest, too, with both couples reaching their third strike and a back-and-forth sudden-death situation taking place.

Sarah and Chris's date Chris and Sarah are buzzing all the way to the airport, where their limo drops them off and they catch a private plane (not before kissing, though).

They're probably partly pleased just to be away from all the They end up in the middle of the country, where they jump into a lake and have a picnic - it's really quite a cute little date.

the only thing that could possibly save them is the challenge. Spelling Trouble The residents wake up bright and early to catch a school bus - yes, really.

So it's down to Jaclyn and Blakeley to convince her to stay (again, pretty selfishly - they need someone from their alliance to stick around).

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Sarah's finding the whole thing funny, though: "Rachel's still heartbroken over Michael, and Nick hasn't spoken this entire time.

There is no chance of that working out."Actually, Sarah and Chris are in pretty good spirits since they evaded elimination last week, through a mixture of luck and skill.

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