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By Toii Working with Wikitude has always been a pleasant experience.The SDK for Unity3D is easy to use and the documentation is clear for our dev to integrate with the game.This analysis, however, has been, until recently, based on the Cretaceous part of a reference APWP that does not rely on palaeomagnetic data from the easternmost parts of the Eurasian continent.Therefore, there was a need to check for the validity of the Cretaceous part of Eurasian APWP as a reference for describing convergence between Siberia and southernmost Central Asian blocks.This confirms the lack of a discernable latitudinal motion between Amuria and Siberia since their final accretion by the Late Jurassic—Early Cretaceous, and reinforces the idea that Europe APWP can be used as a reference for Siberia by the mid-Cretaceous.

The game developers chose to incorporate AR into their app with the intention of allowing players to have a more immersive experience.In effect, because the India plate is continuously penetrating into Eurasia since its collision at ∼50 Ma (e.g.Molnar & Tapponnier 1975; Tapponnier & Molnar 1979; Patriat & Achache 1984), it causes the Eurasian continent to deform.They believe that having a digitally augmented character integrated into the physical scene helps players feel like they are actually going out on a date with one of the KRT mascots.The game was designed to work in both indoor and outdoor environments.

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