Any chart room like toilet for sex

It's not your housekeeper's job to leave the room in the exact condition in which you left it. Yes, it's our job to clean your room, but some of the messes you leave are beyond the call of duty.

Many hotels are now offering green initiatives in their rooms by letting their guests opt out of a daily room cleaning.

Brigida, who has been a housekeeper for 19 years at a chain hotel in Toronto, has to change the linens on 8 pillows in the 16 rooms she cleans on her usual shift—that's 128 pillows a day!

"Plus, each time we shake out the new plush blankets, dust and fluff fly everywhere, which we then have to spend time cleaning up," she says. There's a lot more to preparing for a new guest than making the bed and stocking clean towels.

"If you're due to check out that day, the housekeepers must clean your room first [so it's ready for new guests]," explains Weiss.

"They have to find out if you've left yet in order to stay on schedule." Instead of being annoyed at that rap on the door, try to remember that the person on the other side is just doing his or her job. There is no standard hourly wage for housekeepers—even within the same chain.

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So before checking into your next hotel, check out everything the housekeeping staff is really thinking. Those luxurious beds are wreaking havoc on my back.

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