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Only a philosophy of history concentrating on the historical text as a whole could contribute importantly to contemporary philosophy of history and go beyond a mere application of what had already been discovered elsewhere.

History is the first discipline that comes to mind if we think of disciplines attempting to give a truthful representation of a complex reality by means of a complex text.

With regard to the misfortunes, it must be pointed out that philosophers of history were often tempted to superimpose this assumption on philosophy of history.

Thus in the fifties and sixties, philosophy of history preferred to focus on the elements of the historical text, like singular statements about historical states of affairs, statements expressing causal connections, or on the temporal perspective of statements about the past (Danto's "narrative sentences").

The five previously published essays in this volume originally appeared in the following places: "The Use of Language in the Writing of History." In H.

Carnap gave the logical positivist's thesis a polemical edge when he added that metaphysics and metaphysics embraced, in his view, the greater part of Western philosophy originated in the philosopher's ignorance of the proper syntactic rules for the logical constitution of the world.

But what all these philosophies of language had in common despite their many diversities or even outright oppositions was the assumption that language is the principal condition for the possibility of all knowledge and meaningful thinking, and that therefore an analysis of language is of as much importance to the contemporary philosopher as an analysis of the categories of the understanding was for the Kant of the first Critique.

Precisely because of this obvious similarity it has often been pointed out that contemporary philosophy of language can best be seen as a new and more fruitful phase in the transcendentalist program that was inaugurated two centuries ago by Kant.

The historical text as a whole was rarely, if ever, the topic of philosophical investigation.

This is all the more to be regretted since the fortunes of philosophy of history self-evidently lie with the historical text and not its parts.

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Twentieth-century philosophy is fascinated by the phenomenon of language.

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