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“We see this as a form of electronic civil disobedience,” he told the crowd. Users who did not enter a screen name were given the default handle Anonymous.In 1999, the Recording Industry Association of America sued Napster, the file-sharing service, for copyright infringement. Poole hoped that anonymity would keep things irreverent.the mid-nineteen-seventies, when Christopher Doyon was a child in rural Maine, he spent hours chatting with strangers on CB radio. Transmitters lined the walls of his bedroom, and he persuaded his father to attach two directional antennas to the roof of their house.CB radio was associated primarily with truck drivers, but Doyon and others used it to form the sort of virtual community that later appeared on the Internet, with self-selected nicknames, inside jokes, and an earnest desire to effect change.

One friend’s father bought a bubble light and affixed it to the roof of his car; when the boys heard a distress call from a stranded motorist, he’d drive them to the side of the highway.

They launched vigilante campaigns that were purposeful, if sometimes misguided.

More than once, they posed as underage girls in order to entrap pedophiles, whose personal information they sent to the police.

Doyon’s mother died when he was a child, and he and his younger sister were reared by their father, who they both say was physically abusive.

Doyon found solace, and a sense of purpose, in the CB-radio community.

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