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90% of all horror films are either flimsy, tedious or filled with totally hackneyed cliché.To give cinema-goers a genuine fright these days takes some doing as audiences have become passive in the face of the supernatural and desensitised to human violence.The former oscillates wildly between different tempos and rhythms to create the disorienting psychedelic funfair feel they set out to create, whilst also acting as an ode to the 1966 campy horror single “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! “Strange Outlaws” might just be the catchiest song Portner has been responsible for since “My Girls” – the disco synth stabs and tight-locked vocal harmonies are deeply infectious and give the album a carnivalesque lift right at the death.

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“Eucalyptus” is the new album by Avey Tare, who is world-famous for belonging to one of the key projects for the understanding of alternative music of the last twenty years: Animal Collective.

This record, which will come out at the end of July, includes collaborations with Angel Deradoorian (ex Dirty Projectors), Jessika Kenney and Eyvind Kang.

A, with the aim of improving his lifestyle by embracing gardening, cooking and hiking. Throat infections and bronchitis led to cancellations of tour dates with Animal Collective and a long spell recuperating at his new home.

Taking inspiration from his love for horror movies, Portner began prepping material for a new three-piece featuring his partner Angel Deradoorian (ex-Dirty Projectors) and Jeremy Hyman (Ponytail).

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The album was recorded by fellow Animal Collective Deakin (Josh Dibb) along with chamber orchestration arranged by Eyvind Kang and featuring musicians Angel Deradoorian and Jessika Kenney.

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