Amir khan dating katie price

Previous contestants given the honour of being the public’s ‘chosen one’ include the likes of Katie Price, Helen Flanagan and Kendra Wilkinson.

This year it looks like Amir Khan has the honour of being the public’s first choice for all future bush tucker trials.

By only his third day he’d morphed into a shell-shocked figure, all wild beard and goggly-eyes constantly blinking back tears.

As the week has worn on (yes, just a week) his Bush Telegraph VTs are starting to resemble those desperate televised pleas from petrified humanitarian hostages.

I'm just in shock how quick this has all happened since I spoke to him.

RIP Keith and will continue with your advice for my mum xx'.

Having failed his first trial in the most spectacular fashion by barely even beginning it, Iain was already on the backfoot with the blokes.

Arriving back to camp shaken and crying, his emotional state upsetting even the unsentimental Rebekah Vardy, the lads initially rallied round to comfort the comedian.

Finally with a win under his belt, things looked like they were improving for Lee and his status among the group.

Although hardly chained to a radiator, Lee is trapped in a confined place with a trio of cocksure boys that he probably spent every one of his school-days attempting to avoid.

The ultra-masculine environment fostered by Amir Khan, Jamie Lomas and Dennis Wise is no place for sensitive, insecure Lee, bobbling about, whispering his new-age affirmations to himself in an attempt to calm down.

Although it wasn’t long before resentment set in with boxer Khan (who himself has not been the bravest of souls) and ex-footballer Wise grumbling about the tears that were shed and how they’d affect the public vote.

Faced with an opportunity to redeem himself at another trial, Lee instead interprets this as an indication that the public “hate” him and spends most of the day worrying about the perception the other men have of him and how intimidated he feels by their macho presence.

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