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In another interview in 2015, Bo A confessed that she thought that there were many “cool people” everywhere, even on TV.

She then said that if she were to date someone, she would like to able to share her feelings well. Before her relationship with Joo Won was confirmed, Bo A has rarely been seen out with a male figure.

During this year, however, the fans have grown less caring on the matter of the idol’s personal life.

They looked over the rumor believing that Bo A was allowed to have fun with her friends without being rumored of dating anyone in her circle. One person has always been her support and shoulder to lean on: her label mate, TVXQ’s Yunho.

They are a couple envied by everyone around them," said one insider. She has worked hard and deserves all the love and respect and admiration there is.

In April 2005, “FRIDAY” a Japanese tabloid magazine released a set of photos of Bo A and a mysterious male figure.I hope she'll kept singing and releasing more singles and album. If she didn't help SM get through their rough times with her solo career, there would be no SM.That means there would be no SNSD, no f(x), no EXO, no Shinee, no Red Velvet, and no NCT.Bo A (23 at that time) was seen spending time in a club in Japan along with her fellow celebrity friend, Crystal Kay when Akanishi Jin (a member of ‘KAT-TUN’) also made an appearance there.Akanishi and Bo A were then caught dancing together and displaying gestures that were almost too intimate for friends to do.

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The entertainment industry in South Korea has always been known to have strict dating prohibitions for its artist.

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