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They return from the Southern hemisphere in the spring and set about securing their nest patch (if you can call a small cluster of stones and bits of weed a nest), so there is squabbling, fishing, egg laying and incubating all going on right in front of your eyes.Seeing one is a challenge, as they are mostly active at night.The Farne Islands have a healthy population, and while you won’t get the wheeling masses of the most northerly colonies, the advantage is that you can get quite close to the birds waddling to and from their nest burrows.And then, later in the summer, the fluffy, gauche ‘pufflets’ come to the surface.Pick a sunny day for best results and keep a keen look-out: with a bit of luck you may see the outrageously bright-green male sand lizard strut his stuff to impress a female (023 8028 3141).Right now, things are hotting up at their communal nest sites called heronries as they raise their young.

They favour heathland or regenerating woodland and Sherwood Forest, particularly around Clipstone Heath, and Sherwood Pines, is a pretty good place to watch this most peculiar of creatures. OTHER NIGHTJAR HOTSPOTS: Beaulieu Road Heath and Burley, New Forest (uk); Ashdown Forest, East Sussex (; Arne, Dorset (uk); Dunwich Heath, Suffolk (uk).

It was established in the 1040s at the bequest of King Canute, and the swans were originally looked after by monks to supply banquets (they don’t eat them any more).

Though this is a managed collection, the swans are free to come and go. Abbotsbury Subtropical gardens, Abbotsbury Children’s Farm (uk), Chesil Beach and the Fleet Lagoon (, RSPB Lodmoor nature Reserve, Weymouth (uk).

All this week, in a superb series of pullouts for you to collect, the Mail is counting down 100 of the most glorious sights you should see this spring - and today it's the turn of our awesome animals and birds.

You might bump into fawn (fallow) or calf (red) out walking in the wild, but to boost your chances of getting that Bambi moment head for Tatton Park, Cheshire (uk) - it has a 'wild' feel with big, open vistas and is a great spot to see red and fallow deer, like this one.

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  1. "It's paradise, man," said the Romany gypsy Cliff Cadona, 45, taking in the Cadona extended family pitch at the Woodside gypsy camp, at Hatch in Bedfordshire, with a proud sweep of his hand. "Our people walked with Jesus right across the planet," said Mr Cadona, indignantly.