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Enforce the rules all the time and make them apply to everyone or just don't bother.After many years or writing at House of Eros, I have nothing but the warmest of recommendations to any writers out there.I honestly wish I could be able to return and chat with everyone I have come to meet and enjoy being around.My record isn't clean but I enjoy Rping and in chat I have been mostly quiet only interacting every so often.I guess when you have no life that is what you need to do, Overall, I enjoyed the site.

The site is a smaller one but has a decent community of people that are accepting of newcomers. Nothing is private here, not even your Private Messages. Like most sites, the discussion boards are empty as again, like most sites they are dominated by a very small group of trolls. The role play is boring as most of the people want the same thing. I like how the forum are set up, everything is forward and simple with easy text editing tools included which work great for someone like me who couldn't even edit their myspace page.

I recommend this site to the adult people out there because this is an 18 site and they're really good about catching minors so adults don't have to worry as much.

Here is a good review for this site~ Invidia1988~I have been on the site for a good long while before getting banned a few weeks back.

Fantastic RP site, there is so many different categories for the different person that likes whatever.

Good very strict mods that put up with alot of crap and the owner is wonderful.

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They were originally part of that sites GM team and they got BANNED PROOF:

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