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-Memo Serv- Type /msg Memo Serv LIST NEW to list them.Where password should be changed to the password you would like to have for your channel and everything after password is the Description of the channel More details about registering your own channel can be obtained by typing: /msg Chan Serv HELP REGISTER or /msg Chan Serv HELP Also, if you need help setting up your new channel, or have any questions, you can /join #Help where someone will be happy to assist you.Back to top To send a message to a user who is offline, so that they are notified of it and can read it when they next come online, type the following: /msg Memo Serv SEND nickname message Replace "nickname" with the nickname of the person you want to send the Memo to and replace "message" with whatever you want to send as a message to that person.Ever sign-in to your favorite messaging app only to find out that your friends aren't available to chat?Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the best places where you can meet and chat with new friends.

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