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Some teaching strategies and accommodations are summarized for instructors working with adults with such learning disabilities.NOTE: This reference list updates and revises some of those included in the article: New and Revised References California State University, Fresno- Services for Students with Disabilities Website: Dyscalculia Website:However, accommodations and modifications do not replace the need to use effective instructional strategies for students who have learning problems.Accommodations and modifications include adaptations to the physical arrangement of the classroom, as well as changes to instructional delivery.changes in how the information is presented) and some are focused on changes in how the student engages in and responds to the lesson.In choosing appropriate accommodations and modifications, it is important to consider the characteristics and needs of the student and how these interact with the proposed lesson format.None the less, this is an important topic to adult education teachers in the field and any article providing teachers with techniques to make the learning of math easier is worthwhile.The value of this article is in its description of dyscalculia in adults.

I wished the author had developed these more in her case studies.The most useful features of this article include: The strength of this resource is the strategies for teaching students with dyscalculia or math difficulties; especially the CSA sequence: begin teaching with the concrete (manipulatives or hands-on), then move to the semi-concrete (pictures), and finally teach the abstract (numbers or symbols).They are appropriate for any math difficulty and supported by numerous references.More clarification on accommodations may be needed for the reader from other sources.Yes, accommodations are required by law, when the learning disabilities have been diagnosed with approved assessment instruments.

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The categories include: inattention/distractibility, organization, following directions, memory or recall, and understanding or comprehension. Indeed students who have math learning problems typically have problems in more than one area.

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