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Watch the trailer honcho Bryan Singer directed the pilot and served as producer, you should still be ready for a slower, more intimate yarn."It's a story that definitely comes at the world of mutants from the side," the show's creator has said. But, as his mom says, it's an opportunity to go from critiquing the status quo to changing it.Fall is a time for foliage trips, pumpkin spice, and the ominous feeling that you'll never be able to keep up with the world's unending onslaught of TV.The coming months promise more than two dozen new (and revived) shows, including comedies, dramas, and comic-book adaptations, many with high-caliber talent and many worthy of your attention.It was a daily humiliation." Watch the trailer Premiere date: September 20 Network: Syfy Reason to be excited: "Six rooms. "The advantage to [Michael] not being in charge of the bridge right now is we get to tell stories from a very different point of view," explained showrunner Gretchen Berg."We get access to more parts of the ship." Watch the trailer -style TV show, but funnier and not as linear.Captain Telegram has been offering hot air balloon rides for 30 years. gets you a tube and shuttled back to Palmetto Outdoors.803-360-4697 Just up the road from Columbia is ʺThe Big Moʺ, offering you the authentic drive-in movie experience! Grab your significant other, your favorite blueberry pie recipe, and head to Berry Hill Farm in Lexington (Bluefield Road). Columbia is full of parks and green spaces for your kite-flying pleasure.

Just change incarceration to high school expulsion, and murder to graffiti penises.

Premiere date: September 26 Network: NBC Reason to be excited: You'll get a better look at the motive, psychology, and politics that made the Menendez brothers go down in history -- like the network version of .

Anchored by a strong cast, including Edie Falco as controversial criminal defense attorney Leslie Abramson, and Josh Charles as the brothers' psychiatrist, this anthology might also change the way you view the case's outcome.

It's basically a mix of so many of your favorite things: Premiere date: October 1 Network: ABC Reason to be excited: Kyra Sedgwick kills it in this meta drama, as a controversial TV writer whose daughter goes missing.

If you're on the fence about having kids, this will probably help you make your decision.

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  1. Those 60 seconds could change your life, but only if you figure out the right thing to say. Stressful, awkward and with me nervously rambling on, all the while hoping my date doesn’t notice the sweaty hand marks on my cocktail glass.

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