A self validating digital coriolis mass flow meter an overview Milf dating site chat free

The drive signal may be a digital drive signal for operating the driver.

P., et al., “A Self-Validating Digital Coriolis Mass-flow Meter” (1); overview, 1999. P., et al., “A Standard Interface For Self-Validating Sensors”, Report No. P., et al., “Signal Processing, Data Handling and Communications: The Case for Measurement Validation” Mar. QUEL 1912/92, University of Oxford, Department of Engineering Science, Apr. The flowmeter also may include a connection to a control system, wherein the controller transmits the measurement and results of a uncertainty analysis to the control system.

The flowmeter may include a second sensor connected to the conduit for sensing the motion of the conduit and generating a second sensor signal, with the controller being connected to receive the second sensor signal and generate the drive signal based on the first sensor signal and the second sensor signal using digital signal processing.

Alternatively, the drive signal may be an analog drive signal for operating the driver.

The controller is also operable to detect a two-phase flow condition and process the sensor signal using a second process during the two-phase flow condition to generate the validated mass-flow measurement. T., et al., “Performance of a Coriolis-type Mass Flow Meter in the Measurement of Two-phase (air-liquid) Mixtures”, ASME Fluid Engineering Division Publication FED, vol. The neural network processor receives at least one input parameter and applies a set of predetermined coefficients to the input parameter.

De Carlo, Joseph; “True Mass-Flow Measurement”; Fundamentals of Flow Measurement, Unit 11-2; pp. The input parameter may include a set of input parameters including a temperature parameter, a damping parameter, a density parameter, and an apparent flow rate parameter.

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The controller associated with the flowmeter also may include a sensor parameter processing module to analyze the sensor signal data and generate sensor signal parameters.

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