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Everybody has something that they could be ashamed about. No two journeys are alike, but everybody faces adversity. Come up with a game plan for talking about your condition that you’re comfortable with. And most importantly, never be ashamed of your story.The way you react to adversity is how you’ll be remembered in this world. Before you jump into the dating pond, take some time to work on yourself. We all deserve love, and we should not accept anything less than the love we deserve.Taking time to understand the qualities you need in a relationship isn’t selfish – it’s actually an extremely beneficial exercise.

I used to look for external sources to help fill the gap I had in my life after being diagnosed.Sure, there are many people to whom I’ll open up and talk about those things, but it’s not what defines me as a person.I’ve always had health problems, but it took years to receive an actual diagnosis.Then, once I received a diagnosis, I went through a period of being extremely ashamed.How was I going to meet someone now with this psoriatic disease diagnosis and the fact that I was on disability?

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