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Be aware that comments are public and once you post, it stays there forever. On the top of the page are the self-explanatory tabs of Explore, Groups, Places, Events and More. Loading titillating pictures of freaks just like me, I couldn't wait to get in on the action. It feels good to know that Fet Life takes our security seriously. They cover every aspect that a community like this will face including questions on stalking and fearing for your life.On the side, there are various links pertaining to your profile and a stash file called "Stuff You Love". Too many sites pretend that these real-life issues do not occur.is our second choice for all kinky singles & couples.This is the best one of kinky dating sites that caters the needs of kinksters to try a kinky dating.Thousands of local doms, subs and kinksters are ready to meet up for discreet casual encounters or ongoing relationships.

They'll even collar you with an "I Support Fetlife Badge," if you do. Let me give you a lay of the land for this Fet Life review. With over 100,000 groups you are bound to find a group that suits you and your lifestyle.

We love the foreplay, the buildup and if the release comes that's a hallelujah moment right there, but women are in it for the experience.

Fet Life offers too much good for me to be caught up in its lack of support.

So, whether you're just starting on the journey, an old hand, or prefer that hand over mouth, Fet Life tries to bridge the gap between a social networking site and the hookup scene for those of us who prefer that untrodden road to be downright dirty.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from Fetlife.

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Plus, it also provides a safe and open platform for kinksters to connect with fetish, bdsm, cuckolds.

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